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Author Topic:   General Discussion Of Moderation Procedures (aka 'The Whine List')
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08-25-2012 8:07 AM

Why is the moderator request maintained as being a very serious matter? The topic was 2 years old, and consisted of a video and a few low-quality posts.

If it was any other moderator request, yes, the point stands, but in this context AdminPD's warning was, to be very blunt, humorously unaware of the context and age of a low-quality single page topic, while generally being strict. While I don't really have a taste for his style of humor, it's very reasonable why Hoah got a little bit annoyed at that moment and played around with the request.

AdminPD understood that Hoah has decided to joke around a bit, and apologized, and politely requested that he would change the title again.

I guess a warning could be in place here, but in my opinion a 4 week suspension is quite a bit out of bounds in this context.

Admin, it may indeed be a good idea if there was any sort of suspension code established. From what I generally do have seen, most suspensions seem to follow after another clear severe violation after a string of earlier warnings.

In my opinion, a petty incident as this doesn't quite fit as a final violation worthy of a 4 week suspension. Standing on it's own, this would deserve about.. 24 hours at it's most extreme?

Those 4 weeks seem to refer to some earlier issues concerning Hoah which I'm going to stay neutral about. However, whatever the case may be, from what I understand about moderation, heavy punishment as this would be more fair if it followed from a clear warning of the sanction, and a undisputed ''final straw'' that is on terms with earlier missteps.

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