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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Matthew 28 versus John 20.
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Message 69 of 89 (596109)
12-13-2010 5:29 AM
Reply to: Message 67 by Kapyong
12-13-2010 2:23 AM

Topic Please
Please reread the Message 1. The originator wants to know how Matthew 28:1-10 and John 20:1 and 2 can be reconciled.
General discussion of Bible authorship is not the topic. It is a very narrow topic, please stick to it.
Please direct any comments concerning this Administrative msg to the General Discussion Of Moderation Procedures (aka 'The Whine List') thread.
Any response in this thread will receive a 24 hour suspension.
Thank you
AdminPD Purple

Usually, in a well-conducted debate, speakers are either emotionally uncommitted or can preserve sufficient detachment to maintain a coolly academic approach.-- Encylopedia Brittanica, on debate

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 Message 67 by Kapyong, posted 12-13-2010 2:23 AM Kapyong has not replied

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