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Author Topic:   How Creationism Explains Hominid Fossil Skulls (FINAL STATEMENTS ONLY)
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01-25-2011 10:15 PM
Reply to: Message 123 by ICANT
01-25-2011 3:32 PM

Re: Fossils, remember?
Coyote, in message 124 writes:

So what is said in the text has everything to do with fossils.


I agree with Coyote. At best, to show that we are wrong, you are going to need to make much more explicit what that alleged connection is.


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Posts: 3894
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01-27-2011 9:34 PM

Topic is a terminal mess - Call for final statements
Each member gets ONE final message. It's probably best that they not be a reply to a previous message - Use that "General Reply" button and do your summation.

Tentative plan - Topic will be closed Friday night or Saturday (as in, 24+ hours from now).


Added by edit:

Please subtitle your final statement with something starting with "Final statement -"

Edited by Adminnemooseus, : See above.

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