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Author Topic:   The evolution of hell: how rhetoric changes religion
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Message 55 of 66 (601617)
01-22-2011 6:37 AM
Reply to: Message 54 by ApostateAbe
01-21-2011 10:09 PM

Re: Damned
ApostateAbe writes:

... Even if the odds are very small that there is a heaven and a hell, who would be stupid enough to take the risk in believing that they do not actually exist? You would risk a very a big punishment and losing a very big reward. Am I right?

Pascal's Wager? Seriously?

No. You are not right.

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 Message 54 by ApostateAbe, posted 01-21-2011 10:09 PM ApostateAbe has taken no action

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 Message 56 by Panda, posted 01-22-2011 6:50 AM Phage0070 has replied

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Message 57 of 66 (601619)
01-22-2011 6:53 AM
Reply to: Message 56 by Panda
01-22-2011 6:50 AM

Re: Damned
Panda writes:

Phage0070 writes:

Pascal's Wager? Seriously?

I think that Abe was leading ICANT to that point on purpose, not through ignorance.

Hmm, that subtlety was apparently completely lost on me. Pardon!

Hopefully it won't be lost on ICANT as well.

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 Message 56 by Panda, posted 01-22-2011 6:50 AM Panda has taken no action

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