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Author Topic:   Evidence (RAZD and Petrophysics only)
Dr Adequate
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02-08-2011 9:03 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by petrophysics1
02-05-2011 7:13 PM

RAZD has proposed a topic which no one wishes to take on, that would be the atheists here, who have no evidence for their position [...] what RAZD calls strong or absolute atheists are hidding behind their keyboard ...

I see that you have chosen to begin the thread with a thumping great lie.

RAZD extended his invitation to just one person, namely Coyote, who didn't want to play. The moderators did not open the topic up to "the atheists here", because RAZD specifically requested that it be a one-on-one debate, on the grounds that: "this will likely need to be in Great Debates due to the probability of one against many participants". It was, in short, RAZD who was unwilling to debate "the atheists here" collectively, and not vice versa. You may, if you wish, make snide remarks about him "hiding behind his keyboard".

And now you wish to go one-on-one with RAZD, without any interjections from those pesky atheists. Should we admire your intellectual courage in being willing to debate the evidence for God with someone who, like yourself, is a deist? --- and in badmouthing atheists in a thread in which they are not to participate?

Content hidden by AdminModulous. This is a Great Debate for RAZD and petrophysics only. This post is an objection. It can be read by pressing 'peek'. The objection is noted, any further objections should be raised in a Peanut Gallery thread.

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