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Author Topic:   Interrogation of an Apostle
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02-10-2011 2:10 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by Jon
02-09-2011 9:05 PM

N T Wright
I'm short of time so I'll just say this and post a couple of links. The central point in both gospels and epistles is that Jesus was bodily resurrected. As Paul says, "if this isn't true then we are to be most pitied" or that essentially we are living a lie and wasting our time.

In my view, N T Wright is the foremost historian/theologian we have around. Here are links to 2 lectures he gave a few years back on the historical accuracy of the resurrection.



Interesting topic. Thanks

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06-06-2011 2:29 AM
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06-05-2011 10:56 PM

Re: Jesus, John, and Joseph
I'd like to go back to N T Wright. Simply Christian was a book written for a general audience. He often writes for NT scholars and historians where he goes into considerably more detail. He has often been in debate with Ehrman as well as other members of the "Jesus Seminar" such as Crossan and Borg.

I posted this link before and you mentioned you had trouble opening it and I was subsquently chided by admin for posting a bare link. The trouble is that the whole essay has to be read in context and trying to pick out a paragraph or two would be useless.

Here is the link I posted earlier. Hopefully it opens ok for you.

The Resurrection of Jesus as an Historical Problem

Also here is a link to a web site with links to many talks and essays.


Hope this helps.

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