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Author Topic:   Is my rock designed?
Member (Idle past 674 days)
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Message 12 of 219 (481662)
09-12-2008 1:56 AM
Reply to: Message 10 by BVZ
09-12-2008 1:27 AM

BVZ writes:

It's just a rock. What should I be looking for?

If you have taken your rock from surrounding soft earth, and the shape of the rock fits the resulting hole in the earth exactly, then I.D. theory tells you that the rock has specified complexity.

{ABE} Didn't read the post above. In which case, a perfect fit to the grooves of your shoe would indicate SC.

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Member (Idle past 674 days)
Posts: 3119
From: U.K.
Joined: 01-24-2007

Message 45 of 219 (484248)
09-27-2008 8:18 AM
Reply to: Message 41 by BVZ
09-26-2008 1:44 AM

Information rich rocks.
BVZ writes:

The moment you consider something simple, like a rock, it stops working. Why is this? Because ID 'theory' is an argument from incredulity, and a rock offers nothing to be incredulous about.

I.D.ers are keen on information as evidence of intelligent design, and the Young Earth variety are frequently incredulous about the information that rocks can impart to us. Your little rock may well be able to answer the question "how old are you?" It might also be able to tell us about conditions on earth when it formed, and will surely be able to answer about the general process that formed it.

If it proves to have high information content, is that evidence of design?

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 Message 41 by BVZ, posted 09-26-2008 1:44 AM BVZ has not yet responded

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