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Author Topic:   Is my rock designed?
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10-23-2011 9:31 PM

There is no such thing as random, nor anything superfluos - else the universe would either not exist or become self destroyed. Random itself, or what is percieved to be so, is a subjective view: random is based on a law which allows it to go any way or manifold ways or unpredictably; such an event has to be factored in. This is the higher thought of it. Once, there was no random! We find that both random and predictable occured where once it did not. Here, one must ask - what caused the predictable and the random?

Further, a rock with free shape and form is NOT random. It is the result where wind and water smashes elements in multi directions, each impact predictable if we knew how to measure every single unique impact and its consequences. Every facet of the rock can be reproduced repeatedly in a lab if we could emulate the same conditions. It woud in fact be an anomaly of science if arock was not exactly as a rock.

What we see as random and accidents must be factored in to occur. In the sme vein, the big bang could not go bang if this was not resultant from an intentionally designed set of laws. How so? We have no alternate to it - consider what can cause a bang; a number of factors come into play, primarilly that at one tme nothing we can point to as its cause; whatever we point to never existed at the BB point!

A coconut falling on the head and killing someone is NOT random.

Member (Idle past 2453 days)
Posts: 2822
Joined: 06-30-2007

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10-23-2011 9:48 PM
Reply to: Message 99 by SavageD
10-23-2011 4:24 PM

Re: is my rock design
I see no point in revealing why "something" could be the product of an intelligent agent...It would only fall on deaf ears.

Humanity's enigma is that science is based on reasoning; yet we have no reasonable explanation of this reasoning's appearance; it becomes science and anti-science meshed together - we cannot speak of science unless we acknowledge science never existed at one point, making the origins of this science an engma. Its like saying your PC comes from reasoned thought and actions, but reason and thought are random entities not resultant from thought and action.

A kabala writings, the earliest science which examines Genesis, speaks of the origins of the universe by starting at the terms origins and widsom itself - which predate the appearance of the universe - consider if this was not the case! This premise involves ten emenations which spewed out of a source able to produce actions without interacting with other entities [no alternative to this premise exists] - once nothing else existed, including 'WISDOM' itself. Wisdom is a faculty which predated the universe and was established in the second emanation. The thought or will of a universe was formed in the emenation of wisdom - which never existed before. This gives a deeper meaning to the term:


Here, wisdom becomes a place or a station.

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