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Author Topic:   May, 2011, Posts of the Month
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05-29-2011 10:02 PM

Crashfrog's insight on police culture

Post number 13 on the Jose Guerena thread from Crashfrog.

What he wrote is clearly the case of what is true in the culture of the modern American police force. Most people want to avoid mentioning that it is actually part of the job description of a policeman that you are willing to put yourself into dangerous situations that we wouldn't require of the average citizen. And yet that whole concept has been flipped on its head, so that the police need to be in a situation that is safer that what the average person has to experience, and the emphasis seems to be on protecting the police rather than protecting the citizenry.

It is so common that we have almost come to accept it as normal, as how it is supposed to be because it is so overwhelmingly the case. But as Crashfrog verbalized well, it is a perversion, the anti-thesis of what we should expect of people who volunteer to protect us. His post fills in the gaps of instinctive understanding that something is very wrong that is hard to completely put your finger on.

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