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Author Topic:   Money Isn't a False God
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03-24-2021 6:33 PM
Reply to: Message 143 by Phat
03-24-2021 4:28 PM

Re: reality trumps nonsense Phat.
Hey, I am being honest. I can tell when something feels true.
As can millions of other individuals, if not billions others exactly identical to your (109 -- "half" the world sees "billion" as 1012; refer to my large number names page).
All of them being totally honest, all able to "tell when something feels true", all of them ascribing it to the "Holy Spirit" of whatever they believe is the absolute source of Truth. No different from you, so what the hell makes you and you alone so special all of a sudden? Some kind of Messiah complex maybe with your own omniscience?
Granted I ascribe it to the Holy Spirit because I believe that Jesus Christ *is* the truth.
JHC as the source of truth? (why that middle intial of "H"? look at my research on that here) Or Shiva? Or Horus? Or Ahura Mazda?
But why should the Ultimate Source ever matter, since you are being fed everything through an intermediary anyway, the Holy Spirit. The credence that you give to the Holy Spirit is solely because of you happen to believe that, which is the basic definition of the gullibility of the victim of a confidence (AKA "bunko") crime: placing his trust where it most definitely did not belong.
And what kind of "straight and consistent story" has that "Holy Spirit" ever given out?
None whatsoever by all appearances. Over and over again from all the "true Christians" I've encountered (at least all the ones, the rare few, who ever tried to carry on something even remotely resembling a discussion) have pointed out that they are all guided by the Holy Spirit to the proper interpretation of Scripture. So why has that "Holy Spirit" handed out so many different and conflicting interpretations so as to create so many different and warring denominations?
And yet again, so what makes you so fracking special?

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 Message 143 by Phat, posted 03-24-2021 4:28 PM Phat has not replied

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