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Author Topic:   If our sun is second or third generation, does this not conflict with Genesis ?
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05-12-2011 10:42 PM
Reply to: Message 12 by Buzsaw
05-12-2011 8:20 AM

Re: Science?
It appears that this thread is partly about an attempt to refute the Genesis record.

I see the thread as wondering how creationists would deal with the facts.

Shouldn't there be opportunity for creationists to debate their positions?

Yes, I do think that there should be. However much we may hypothesize how creationists would respond to the facts, we would not know that until we were given actual responses from creationists. Otherwise it would be like those threads where fundamentalists lecture atheists on what atheists think and believe and yet refuse to listen to any actual atheist who tries to tell those fundamentalists differently, namely that those fundamentalists obviously have no idea what atheists think or believe.

Non-creationists may analyze and hypothesize all they want, but they still need to try to test the conclusions they arrive at against the real thing. Of course, that analysis and those hypotheses can then inform and direct their discussion with creationists -- sorry, but decades of experience have informed me to not trust a creationist's statements on face-value.

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