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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   We are DOOMED, Sat may 21, 2011
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Message 114 of 229 (616455)
05-22-2011 12:06 PM
Reply to: Message 62 by Buzsaw
05-20-2011 8:17 PM

Re: Camping's Bogus Source
Buzsaw writes:
This is a unique Buzsaw hypothesis which makes more sense than Camping's nonsense.
More sense than Camping? That's an incredibly low standard.
It's not cut in stone, but the prophecies clearly implicate it after careful study, considering cause and effect of the conglomerate of prophecies.
And then you hedge on even that. Absolutely worthless as prophecy.

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 Message 62 by Buzsaw, posted 05-20-2011 8:17 PM Buzsaw has not replied

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