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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   new creation/evolution debate forum
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10-30-2020 8:43 AM
Reply to: Message 119 by Sarah Bellum
10-28-2020 3:45 PM

Sarah Bellum writes:
Is the Origin of Species miraculous? In the sense that the birth of a child is miraculous, yes. Complex and marvelous, it is true, but also natural. "Speak to the earth and it shall teach thee."
I always like to think that naturally-occurring things are more marvelous and incredible than any miracle ever could be.
For example, let's take a world where "miracles" really do happen: Harry Potter.
-The whomping tree. There is a magical tree that if you get close to it, it will move of it's own accord and attempt to "whomp" you by smashing it's limbs on the ground in attempts to crush the "intruder."
In the magical world of Harry Potter - where magic exists, and this tree is magical - this is common place, and just something to know about.
What about if this occurred in the same world - Harry Potter - but it wasn't magical at all? What if it was some strange route of evolution that took millions of years and eventually came to a sentient tree that would "whomp" intruders underneath it?
What's more impressive?
A "magical" tree that's doing what "magic" allows it to do?
Or a "natural" tree that - without any supernatural forces being applied to it to "help" it - started doing this "seemingly-magical/miraculous" motions?
To me, it's clear that natural causes are far more miraculous/impressive than any "miracle" caused by a God or being that is simply "able to do such things anyway."

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