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Author Topic:   United States Debt Default
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08-01-2011 6:49 AM

I really don't know how am i be able to answer rightly your question straggler. But what I am sure is that if the debt ceiling plan would be successful we will no longer have a big debt. The graph about the recent upsurge in debt, it is one thing i considered in knowing how big our debt is.

Right now our government balance the federal budget and come to an agreement regarding the debt ceiling, the threat of national debt default has many perplexed. Political wrangling over the nationwide debt and the debt ceiling is sending a message many Americans do not want to hear. Conventional wisdom states that China is the solution to the question of “Who owns The United States?”, and that default will place the United States too far behind. Yet as an enlightening report by Business Insider points out, conventional wisdom concerning who owns America is wrong. China has a major stake, but much like in Japan, most of United States debt is nationally held. I found this here: Your financial upside-down cake: China does not own America

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