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Author Topic:   Kent Hovind
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Message 13 of 182 (625551)
07-23-2011 11:04 PM
Reply to: Message 12 by Coyote
07-23-2011 9:14 PM

Debating creationists - Force the debate to a narrow focus
Certainly, debating creationists live in front of an audience is something to be approached with caution. I've seen some excellent thought on how the best way one of the evolution side can go about it, but I don't have a link at hand.
As best I recall, some of the relevant aspects are:
1) Know your opponents past history. The big name creationists have a routine they follow debate after debate.
2) Don't let them get away with a Gish gallop. When presented with such, I would respond with something like "Well, you just served up a heaping pile of baloney. Given the proper experts and enough time, all your points could be massively refuted. Alas, in the context of this debate, we have neither a broad supply of experts nor the needed time. Shall we start by narrowing things down to a specific point?"
Now, facing a young Earth creationist (YEC), my personal choice (being a quasi-geologist) would be to hammer on "there is massive evidence that the Earth is not remotely as young as your perspective". As I see it, refuting a young Earth does much to harpoon young Earth creationism.
Added by edit - A couple of possibly interesting relevant links:
Arguments - How to Debate a Creationist
How to Debate a Young Earth Creationist
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