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Author Topic:   Kent Hovind
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Message 50 of 349 (627053)
07-26-2011 7:40 AM
Reply to: Message 47 by Chuck77
07-26-2011 7:05 AM

Re: Debating creationists
Chuck77 writes:
Pressie writes:
Unlike Dr. Dino, who's got no scientific training at all, but pretends to know everything.
Who? Never heard of Him.
Kent Hovind's (self chosen?) nick name is Dr. Dino.

This message is a reply to:
 Message 47 by Chuck77, posted 07-26-2011 7:05 AM Chuck77 has not replied

Member (Idle past 2403 days)
Posts: 2870
From: Limburg, The Netherlands
Joined: 09-02-2008

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08-03-2011 10:36 AM

Is this the video, Buz?
Hello again Buz.
Might this be the video you are referring to?:
If so, then these are my comments which I posted in Message 39 of one of the "exodus" threads.:
Huntard writes:
The first bit about Joseph: They just assert that Joseph = Imhotep, and then assert a whole lot more things about what Joseph did in Egypt. They show no evidence for any of this.
Then about Moses: They assert his adopted mother was Hatshepsut, and that his name was Senmut. His adult name (yeah, a name change, sure) is supposed to be Thutmoses II. Evidence for Moses being Thutmoses II is supposed to be his "hebrew shaped nose". Again, no evidence whasoever. Lots of other unevdienced assertions follow.
Before we get to the actual crossing, speculation about the route the isrealites supposedly took. No evidence that they actually took this route presented. Also, we get some talk about a supposed egyptian fort that was supposed to have stood there. A structure is shown, but no evidence for the claim that this was an Egyptian fort. Some assertions are made about where the pillar of clouds was and went.
We see "an amazing marker", a pillar that had once fallen over, but is now resurrected again. This is the pillar that marks the point of crossing, or so we are told. But, you guessed it, no evidence is provided. We are told a "matching column" is on the other side. We never see this pillar, though. They do sneakily show some footage of the same pillar, as if to try to fool the audience. Very dishonest. We get told about inscriptions on the "other" pillar. We of course are never shown these inscriptions. The inscriptions on the "Egyptian pillar" were removed by Egyptians, or so we are told. Nowhere is this shown to be the case. They use Google Earth to zoom in on the pillar on the "Egyptian" side. Of course, they never zoom in to the "other pillar".
The first underwater picture is shown, this is supposed to be a chariot wheel with three of its four spokes. It looks like a rock to me. Proof that it's a chariot wheel? 90 degree angles, which proves it's a man made structure. Of course, the angles aren't 90 degrees. We are told that using metal detectors, divers have found metal in the "hubs that were found". We are neither shown these hubs, nor shown any evidence that they in fact contain iron. We see more weird shapes that are supposed to be chariot wheels. We are told Wyatt has found many artefacts here. We are not shown any. Formations are shown that "could have once been a chariot cab", seems even the makers of the film aren't too sure about what it is. Another choral with a drawing of a chariot wheel imposed upon it is shown. It doesn't even come close. We are shown a "shrunken hoof" and a femur covered in coral, some more bones are shown. Yes, I'm sure nothing ever drowned there, except when the exodus happened. Some more "chariot wheels". The premier find, is a gold veneer. We are shown something shiny in the water. Curiously, this isn't covered in coral. Everything else in the film is.

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