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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Kent Hovind
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Message 328 of 349 (629145)
08-16-2011 4:41 AM
Reply to: Message 327 by Dawn Bertot
08-16-2011 2:49 AM

Re: A few points on logic... NOT!
Dawn Bertot writes:
How does this information assist your position on open systems?
Entropy and Open Systems
by Henry Morris, Ph.D.
Nobody with a physics or engineering background would ever make the mistake of citing this paper.
Not only does Morris fail to apply the second law properly to open systems, he also makes the error of equating randomness with entropy that is often found in articles for lay people.
If you believe that mature people and mammals develop from embryos, then you must accept that local decreases in entropy are not only possible, but occur on a frequent basis.
If you want to make 2nd law arguments, at least consult some sources like that include some rebuttals to the "open systems" arguments.
Or don't. It's your reputation, not mine.

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 Message 327 by Dawn Bertot, posted 08-16-2011 2:49 AM Dawn Bertot has not replied

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