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Author Topic:   The Essence Of Faith & Belief.
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09-01-2011 9:07 AM
Reply to: Message 63 by Larni
09-01-2011 6:42 AM

Re: This is not my idea.
Larni writes:

I'm livid that I can't assault and cause permanent damage to someone's soul or make it so they can't get into heaven.

Me too.

I also can't turn into a dolphin.
This is because I lack that ability.
Does that also mean I lack some aspect of freewill?

If No:
If I lacked the ability to commit evil then I would have just as much freewill as I currently have.

If Yes:
Considering how many billions of things I am unable to do - being unable to commit evil would make very little difference to my freewill quota.


Science flies you into space; religion flies you into buildings.

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 Message 63 by Larni, posted 09-01-2011 6:42 AM Larni has not yet responded

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