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Author Topic:   September, 2011, Posts of the Month
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From: Duluth, Minnesota, U.S. (West end of Lake Superior)
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Message 10 of 20 (634477)
09-22-2011 1:42 AM

Straggler, at "Scientific Knowledge"
Author: Straggler
Forum: Coffee House
Thread: Scientific Knowledge
Message #: 69

Any use of the term "know" that entails absolute 100% certainty (i.e. the 1 and 7 positions on the Dawkins scale) is misplaced outside of axiomatic systems such as mathematics.




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Posts: 3883
From: Duluth, Minnesota, U.S. (West end of Lake Superior)
Joined: 11-11-2001

Message 18 of 20 (635610)
09-30-2011 2:52 AM

ICANT at "Potential Evidence for a Global Flood"
Author: ICANT
Forum: Geology and the Great Flood
Thread: Potential Evidence for a Global Flood
Message #: 308 and/or 317

This may be a sort of a "good post because it's not nearly as bad as his creationist cohorts" sort of POTM nomination, but I do think it deserves a bit of special recognition.

The 2 messages cited are quite similar with much material in common, with the 2nd one being his topic summation message. These messages do show some quality connection to reality, although there is still much for the science side to contest. I also think the presentation style is decent to good.

One outstanding, albeit not perfect observation (quoted from the 2nd message):

But if the Bay of Fundy can rise 55 feet in 6 hours and then fall 55 feet in 6 hours and you can't see everything washed away, why would anyone assume that if the water rose a few hundred feet in 40 days it would leave any sign that it did so?

I think this is refreshing, if flawed. Most of the creation side and many to the most of the science side seem to advocate vast geologic impact by the flood. Further discussion of this, in a new topic might be a good thing.

Well, I'm kind of bending the "summation messages only" status of the topic in question, by starting to bring the debate into the POTM forum.



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