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Author Topic:   September, 2011, Posts of the Month
Alfred Maddenstein
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09-21-2011 3:48 AM
Reply to: Message 3 by Panda
09-02-2011 9:09 AM

Re: Percy in Problems of the Big Bang
My friend, if I can easily decipher IamJoseph's message while the rest of you are having difficulties with it is not surprising at all. It does not mean that I endorse his position though. I may not. Yet what he is telling you comes across loud and clear: "You lot can't eat your cake and have it still. If you want to have a universe bounded in time, a universe that started from a singularity, either the creator is implied, or you are peddling a Baron M√ľnchhausen tale." He is saying: "I am a creationist and I admit it openly. You lot are closet creationists, I am helping you out of your closets and I expect thanks instead of the crass ingratitude you exhibit towards me here." He is telling you that he and his Bible are logically consistent where you and your consensus-nonsensus cosmology are not. You know that full well too so hate the guts of the message and scapegoat its style.
You see, I can very well understand how much you hate his message and why all you pretend to find in it are the idiosyncrasies of his personal style.
No fooling Alfred and his old Cheshire cat with all your futile pretence to science, I am afraid.

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