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Author Topic:   Ontological arguments - where's the beef?
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09-04-2011 7:27 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by cavediver
09-03-2011 4:59 PM

Hi Cavediver
My overall reaction is, "What a bunch of hooey!" Doesn't seem worthy of any attention at all, but I understand the argument, "Some of the most famous philosophers of history have seriously studied this issue, perhaps I should take a look."
What drew my interest was this:
cavediver writes:
While still a Christian, I had no need for proofs of God - faith was central to my, well, faith...So, following my Damascus Road conversion to atheism...
Why travel all the way from faith to atheism? Perhaps it's just that all the world's religions are wrong, simply because of the unavailability of decent evidence. Maybe even the concept of God or god or gods is itself wrong. But there seems insufficient evidence to conclude that there couldn't be something out there with intentional purpose, but on the scale of all of existence rather than of personal lives. Naturally this discards the possibility of a personal God.

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