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Author Topic:   Petition to get buz full access again.
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09-05-2011 2:27 PM

He was tasked, partially by himself, with writing up a thread about what constitutes evidence. He totally missed the point from the get go and gave up even trying, once again claiming bias and christian persecution. He has proven himself to be dishonest in every endeavor, even claiming victory when it was obvious he lost. I personally feel that any attempt he makes in the science section will be met with the same fate wherein we all ask him to provide evidence for his wack ass claims and he says he did, we just need to look for it in his post history. It is obvious he listens to no one, about anything.

If you want the continued downhill trend of EvC, sure, let Buz enter the science section. We could use more rabid pigeons flinging poo and knocking chess pieces around while claiming victory.

"Why don't you call upon your God to strike me? Oh, I forgot it's because he's fake like Thor, so bite me" -Greydon Square

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