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Author Topic:   Introduction To Geology
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Message 157 of 294 (672466)
09-08-2012 2:33 PM

"Note that one of the causes for the slowing rotation rate is the tidal pull from the moon, and this decreases as the moon moves further and further from the earth (typical creationist mistake is to take today's rate and extrapolate it to the distant past)."

Typical CREATIONIST mistake? Are you joking? Look up who tried to date the Earth's age from tidal friction: George Darwin, Charles' kid.


You're blaming Creationists for making the mistake Darwin's kid did. Oy vey.

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Message 158 of 294 (672467)
09-08-2012 2:40 PM

As seen from Dalrymple's whole chapter, most of the dating mistakes ended up being made by evolutionists trying to derive a distant age to the earth without knowing all factors involved for their dating attempts. It's the evolutionists who've been making that mistake of assuming "the present is the key to the past" by trying to infer today's rates are the same as in the past. Put in evolutionist instead of creationist there and you'd be exactly right. That's an evolutionist mistake, not a creationist one.

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 Message 162 by Dr Adequate, posted 09-08-2012 8:12 PM Jzyehoshua has not yet responded

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