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Author Topic:   October, 2011, Posts of the Month
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10-12-2011 5:15 PM

GDR's Limerickal Lunacy
I have to nominate GDR for his raft of limericks putting forward his theistic position. An entire frikkin argument done entirely in limerickal rhyme!!!! With proper cadence and points well made!! It's insane but incredibly impressive.

I have tried to keep up. But both in terms of style and content I have failed despite my genuine best efforts. I can't make my points stick to the right format and when I do they don't seem to really get what is meant across. I will keep trying. But it is a one sided contest so far.

Creativity Corner

Message 62 and all the one's prior (and quite possibly all the ones after too - although that remains to be seen - obviously)

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