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Author Topic:   Does the speed of light allow new earth creationism
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04-16-2012 11:35 AM
Reply to: Message 28 by OpticalIllusions
04-16-2012 8:26 AM

Re: The Science Of The Matter.
Hi again OpticalIllusions,

No scientist is a creationist? What about Newton?

What about Newton? Creationism (as popularly used) did not exist then.

Why do atheists think they get to decide who is a scientist and who isn't? ...

They don't. Who is or is not a scientist is decided by whether or not the person in question does actual validated and reviewed science, and what field of study is involved.

... Aren't all humans basically scientists trying to understand the nature of the universe? ...

That makes them philosophers, not scientists. To be a scientist you have to DO science, test concept against objective evidence and be committed to discarding falsified concepts.

... If there are no creationist scientists, then who created scientists?

Education, application of knowledge, particularly the scientific method, peer review and testing of concepts and consensus on concepts that have explanatory and predictive ability as demonstrate via testing with objective evidence.

Getting a PhD doesn't make you a scientist, it prepares you to become a scientist, but you still need to DO science to reach the category of scientist.


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