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Author Topic:   A Problem With the Literal Interpretation of Scripture
New Cat's Eye
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Message 208 of 304 (653384)
02-20-2012 2:50 PM
Reply to: Message 203 by Lone77Star
02-18-2012 9:09 AM

Re: Hidden Wisdom -- The Literalists' Nightmare
the new date for Noah's Flood pinpoints a rather intriguing target for that event.

We know from both geology and biology, that since humans have existed, the planet has never been covered with water. Plain and simple: The (global) Flood never actually happened.

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New Cat's Eye
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Message 229 of 304 (655764)
03-13-2012 12:27 PM
Reply to: Message 210 by Lone77Star
03-04-2012 1:56 PM

Re: Hidden Wisdom -- The Literalists' Nightmare
Hi Rod,

I think your post exemplifies a real problem with a literal interpretation of scripture. When confronted with the fact that we know from science that Noah's Flood didn't happen as described in the Bible, your answer is basically: "Well, it could have happened, we wouldn't really know if it did or not, you haven't proven that it didn't."

The problem is that this need to maintain a literal interpretation causes people to deny reality and factual information, to doubt things that any normal person would have no trouble accepting. Basically, it holds you back. if you didn't have to cling to that interpretation, you could accept the truth of the matter and move on.

If you want to argue about proving the Flood wrong you can go here:

No genetic bottleneck proves no global flood


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