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Author Topic:   A Problem With the Literal Interpretation of Scripture
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01-18-2012 3:38 PM
Reply to: Message 188 by Butterflytyrant
01-18-2012 2:03 AM

Your gifts from god appear to be staggering stupidity, delusions of grandeur, a distinct lack of humility, a total blindness to reality, an awsome ability to avoid learning and a paucity of knowledge in regards to any subject other than you favouite bronze age myth...attempt to derail this thread with your drivel...it is one of the symptoms of your particular mental illness...It is possible that people are now less intelligent for having interacted with you.

You may well criticize Dawn for any number of faults, but I see here that you made a post that made no content in the advancement of the topic of the problems of a literal interpretation of Scripture. The primary purpose of your thread seems to be to attack Dawn.

Please don't do that. Please do advance the subject by adding arguments that support the notion that a literal interpretation of Scripture is problematic. Please don't respond to this message here (take it to the moderator Whine thread if you must comment).

If you think Dawn is causing the thread to go offtopic or is otherwise in contravention of rules, please notify us in Report Discussion Problems Here 3.0 rather than making these kinds of posts. Thanks.

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 Message 188 by Butterflytyrant, posted 01-18-2012 2:03 AM Butterflytyrant has acknowledged this reply

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