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Author Topic:   A Problem With the Literal Interpretation of Scripture
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01-18-2012 2:03 AM
Reply to: Message 187 by Dawn Bertot
01-18-2012 12:53 AM

Re: Questions Re: A summation

In that other thread, I have exposed it with stinging accuracy, with the gift froom God

Your gifts from god appear to be staggering stupidity, delusions of grandeur, a distinct lack of humility, a total blindness to reality, an awsome ability to avoid learning and a paucity of knowledge in regards to any subject other than you favouite bronze age myth.

This is a science thread. I suppose you will attempt to derail this thread with your drivel. I can only assume it is one of the symptoms of your particular mental illness.

The only thing that you have exposed is your ability to repell intelligent discourse.

It is possible that people are now less intelligent for having interacted with you.

Thank you for reminding me where our talents come from

In my opinion, your greatest talent is showing people the dangers of fundamentalism. You are more effective at driving people away from religion than a dozen scientists.

Thank you for that and keep up the good work!

I could agree with you, but then we would both be wrong

Butterfly, AKA, mallethead - Dawn Bertot

"Superstitions and nonsense from the past should not prevent us from making progress. If we hold ourselves back, we admit that our fears are more powerful than our abilities." Hunters of Dune Herbert & Anderson

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