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Author Topic:   What bothers me about the evolution of Man
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12-14-2013 7:45 PM
Reply to: Message 140 by PlanManStan
12-14-2013 7:36 PM

Re: Good Questions
Most biologists and anthrologists (?) believe that our brains got so large so that we could better understand and communicate with each other.
When I was in grad school some years ago my physical anthropology professor things larger brain size was a side effect.
He was of the opinion that the change to H. erectus involved a number of things, including more grassland adaptation, more bipedalism (and running), tool use, family structure, and that much of this came about in conjunction with persistence hunting.
Also included were loss of heavy body hair (for better cooling), much better memory and spacial sense (for tracking an animal and then remembering where you left the family after the hunt), and, to a lesser degree, communication (for the hunt and for explaining to the family if you were gone for days and didn't come back with anything).

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