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Author Topic:   What bothers me about the evolution of Man
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12-05-2011 4:26 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by frako
12-02-2011 7:48 AM

fraco writes:
How did our brains get so overpowering.
We don't know exactly how. However, all the empirical evidence we have indicate that it did.
One thing we do for sure know is that our brains weren't poofed into existence from nothing.

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Posts: 2103
From: Pretoria, SA
Joined: 06-18-2010

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12-05-2011 7:10 AM
Reply to: Message 39 by Chuck77
12-05-2011 5:14 AM

Chuck77 writes:
Since you "for sure know" it wasn't created at one moment in time then show us how it was.
Evidence. As has been pointed out to you: The Theory of Evolution. Together with lots of other types of evidence.
Apart from all that, I've also seen new species evolving (through all kinds of mutations, genetic drift, natural selection, etc.) both in the lab and in nature, right in front of my very own little eyes.
I can give you an example of where you can go and see evolution of a new species happening right in front of your own little eyes.
Never seen a species "poofed" into existence, ever, though.
Do you have an example of where a species would "poof" into existence where I can go and have a look where and when it happens?

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