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Author Topic:   Does the universe have total net energy of zero?
Son Goku
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01-04-2012 2:35 PM

Hi designtheorist,

You seem to disagree with the pseudotensor calculation of the total energy of the universe. You say this is because the pseudotensor calculation method wouldn't hold in the presence of dark energy. Can you explain why you believe this to be the case?

In other words, what is it about pseudotensors that makes them invalid in the presence of dark energy?

Son Goku
Member (Idle past 12 days)
Posts: 1171
From: Ireland
Joined: 07-16-2005

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05-15-2013 6:16 AM
Reply to: Message 379 by justatruthseeker
05-13-2013 6:43 PM

Cosmologist almost weekly mention the physical Black Hole in the center's of galaxies they have no explanation for to explain the vast plasma jets ejecting from their centers

This a little false. Firstly the magnetic field lines of black holes are distorted by the rotation of the black hole itself, so you effectively get spinning magnetic field lines. Any nearby matter (such as that in the accretion disk) attaches itself to the magnetic field lines. So you get matter spinning around the black hole.

However the curvature of space causes that the magnetic field lines around the equator of the black hole to have a very high intensity, with the intensity dropping off away from the equator. So particles will move away from the equator to minimize their energy.

So you have a pile of matter spinning around the hole trapped by the magnetic field lines moving up/down to the north/south pole, while at the same time spinning rapidly. Essentially at the poles the matter is then flung out into space via the centrifugal force of rotating and the curvature of space focusing it up/down.

This is the Blandford–Znajek process. There are three other major ways a black hole could fling particles into space as jets, the major question would be how much do these processes contribute.

So it is not the case that there is "no explanation", rather there are four and observational evidence shows at least one of them, the Blandford–Znajek process, to be at work (which is why I explained).

What we don't know is if the Blandford–Znajek process provides all the energy to the jets.

What does it matter what theory of Black Holes we think correct if none of them are real to begin with?

Are you aware that we've actually seen a black hole eat a star with direct observation:
Black Hole eats star.

We've also recently seen one consume a star system, including the effects on one of the planets:
Tidal disruption of a super-Jupiter by a massive black hole

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