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Author Topic:   Does the universe have total net energy of zero?
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Message 129 of 404 (643985)
12-13-2011 6:27 PM
Reply to: Message 120 by cavediver
12-13-2011 2:53 AM

Oh bother
cavediver writes:

If it wasn't for everyone else here, I'd wonder why I bother.

Speaking as one of everyone else here, thanks for bothering.

You've disabused me of a number of confused notions: prying those away is like clearing barnacles from a keel. I may yet find some understanding.

"If you can keep your head while those around you are losing theirs, you can collect a lot of heads."

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 Message 120 by cavediver, posted 12-13-2011 2:53 AM cavediver has not yet responded

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