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Author Topic:   Evidence to expect given a designer
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01-20-2012 4:16 AM
Reply to: Message 316 by Just being real
01-11-2012 12:40 PM

If a tree falls in the forest...
JBR writes:

Here is an interesting comment for you. Suppose "time" is not a "something" but merely a human measurement to measure change. To test this notion, consider what if right at this moment every thing in the universe just stopped changing. All protons and electrons, all planets and stars, if everything just became frozen in one position. If this were to happen, then would there still be time? I think if this were to happen we would say, "Time stopped." Therefore if time is merely a construct of human invention to measure change, then we can abstractly (from our point of view) say that there has always been time and always will be time. Of course if there were ever time in which absolutely nothing existed (to change) then practically speaking there would be no time. But that is not the point.

Time is a human invention... a tool if you will, invented to think abstractly. I can think about yesterday because of the "tool" we use called time. And with that same tool I can think about the minutes before there was a universe, even though perhaps there was nothing changing then. So then there is nothing illogical about humans using their tool called time to think about the moments before the universe began.

Interesting perspective - but can't you describe space the same way? Consider if at this moment everything stopped moving. If this happened would there still be space? We would be unable to observe space or distance therefore would you not logically also conclude that space is a construct of human invention?

Maybe this is another example of religion's tendancy towards anthropocentrism.

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