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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Supernatural/paranormal activity and the power of suggestion
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01-17-2012 5:19 AM
Reply to: Message 26 by hooah212002
01-16-2012 8:29 PM

All supernatural beings are products of the brain.
hooah212002 writes:
Given how much shit I went through in getting this topic promoted, I had hoped it would have garnered more attention. I was hoping we could address some of the obvious (well obvious ot me) implications that have been brought to light.
Or is it just not an interesting enough topic?
It's an interesting topic, but it's just suffered from the nature of EvC. If someone had turned up and strongly objected to what you imply in the O.P. (that belief in supernatural beings has a lot to do with tricks of the brain, essentially delusions) then a lively debate would quite likely have resulted, with people taking strong opposing positions. When there's a good argument going, EvC threads on almost any subject can often gain 100 posts or more in 24 hours. But no-one did that.
I was thinking of bringing up the "paranoia hypothesis" when I supported the promotion of the O.P., but CS got to that general idea in his first post.
One of the aspects of the subject that interests me is the fact that the type of beings that people's brains invent varies around the world from culture to culture. That suggests that, if you actually end up believing that there are beings following you around, things like the novels you are reading and other cultural input during your life will definitely effect the character of the beings.
Maybe you should try to find some novels with sexy ghosts, just in case you do get into that state.

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