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Author Topic:   The Death Knell for ID?
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02-03-2012 8:15 AM
Reply to: Message 35 by Robert Byers
01-31-2012 1:26 AM


ID and YEC are going and growing strong and stronger every second.
In fact ID has become the talk of modern ideas on origins.
Anybody who's anybody in "science " today that deals with origins or otherwise must comment on ID and creationism generally.
It has become the most important and interesting threatening ideas ever.

Anyone that believes in YEC (and ID) who is an English-speaking (presumably Western-educated) individual has to be either:

1. Educationally grossly ignorant
2. Incredibly gullible
3. Mentally challeged

Take your pick - non of the options are appealing!

ID and YEC are founded on the beliefs of historic and modern mankind that God(for some Genesis) is clearly the origin for nature and fingerprints are obvious and measurable.

Founded on BELIEF you admit ....not EVIDENCE then as science is!!! And you want this shit taught in SCIENCE classes???

Id and YEC are the future and opposition and evolutionism will be sent to the dustbin of history of wrong and incompetent ideas.

Only if science is subverted by mindless morons.......

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 Message 35 by Robert Byers, posted 01-31-2012 1:26 AM Robert Byers has taken no action

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