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Author Topic:   An ID hypothesis: Front-loaded Evolution
zi ko
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02-26-2012 7:22 AM
Reply to: Message 104 by Perdition
02-23-2012 3:17 PM

Re: The Blind leading The Blind
Hi Perdition,
as a layman i find your description of FLt very good and useful. Particularly i found inderesting your first question:
Pertition writes:
1) He admits that most of evolution happens via mutation and natural selection. The problem is, what mechanism does he propose that would shield these front-loaded genes, or protogenes from mutations that would make them unusable in the thousands or millions of years before they are needed? Secondly, does he have any evidence for this mechanism?

He seems to try to get around this issue by saying that these protogenes would do something different in the original life forms until they are changed to do what they are needed to do in later life. Again, by what mechanism does the geneome ensure the right mutation to change the gene in question, at the right time, to make it do the funtion it was front0loaded for, and does he have any evidence for it?

IMHO he could be more persuassive at least to me if he had be using the following argumentation to answer your logical questions:
If we accept Lamarckism, according to which organisms interplay dynamicly with environment (not just passively through natural selection) through accepting information from it, then your questions are easily answered.
As for the evidence it would be be just the evidence brought by contemporary wide research findings that make Lamarckism a reliable theory of evolution today.
Note please that being an advocate of Lamarckism does not mean that i am an advocate of FL theory.

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