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Author Topic:   A Plea to understanding: SCIENCE vs INTELLIGENT DESIGN
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03-04-2012 7:39 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by jchardy
02-23-2012 2:44 PM

Well John S. Hardy, from your rambling, then if I.D. is not wanting to divert science nor include divine intervention into scientific reasoning, which is impossible anyway.
Then, there is no argument at all with I.D.ers, since science will just remain as is. There is certainly no reason to promote I.D. in any science classes for that same reasoning.
There's no argument.
It is only when they try to insert divine intervention (magic) into the scientific theories surrounding the origin of the universe, thus render it unscientific. should logically cause the I.D. concept to be excluded from science and science classes.
Such insertion of divine magic or intervention, makes them as bad and silly as the fundamentalist creationists who very stupidly, keep trying to get magic accepted as scientific.
From a friend's blog:
The moment Creation (magic) is apparent, it cannot be made scientific (form a theory with consistent, measurable and predictable outcomes). So they cannot ever exist together.
Magic (creator intrusion) destroys predictability which destroys any scientific accountability and scrutibility.
That is the principle reason Creation cannot be taught in science classes. Because there's no science involved.
It cannot even be promoted as an alternative scientific theory, because it is not a scientific theory
It is only a religious argument based on faith alone, never a scientific argument, so it still cannot logically be introduced into science classes, EVER!

As he stated: Any form of magic (divine intervention) anywhere renders any concept unscientific, (esp. the beginning of the universe) therefore excluding it totally from science and it is grossly evident that they cannot teach unscientific concepts in science classes as scientific.

Since you stated that basically I.D. advocates have no quarrels with scientific theory. Like the fact of evolution.

ID and Creationism should never enter the science classroom!

Which you should also logically agree with.

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