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Author Topic:   Accretion Theory and an alternative
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Message 239 of 257 (657119)
03-26-2012 5:40 AM
Reply to: Message 238 by onifre
03-26-2012 1:49 AM

Re: It's sorta like Zepplin
onfire writes:

Hey guys, if you read Jet Thomson's post backwards they make perfect sense. You have to be really high though, like he was. Become the author.

How ironic. Did someone say this to you when refering to your jokes and you are now using it on someone else? I thought comedians were supposed to be original?

Is this what people can expect for your free services? Or are you just practicing on us and this is your paid version you use for the public and are seeing the types of responses you garner?

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Edited by Chuck77, : some reasonably mild mannered wit

Edited by Chuck77, : took out some possible wit-less-ness. I realise the many edits have taken the steam out of this obviously very - at one time - humorous comment and will hopefully be able to look past these shortcomings

Edited by Chuck77, : No reason given.

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