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Author Topic:   Problems with being an Atheist (or Evolutionist)
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12-07-2009 6:29 AM
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12-08-2008 10:37 AM

My two personal atheist dilemmas.
One problem I am finding with my relatively newfound sense of atheism is the thought of my grandmothers. I have always imagined them to be "in a better place" and I want so much for that to be true. However, with myself, I am perfectly OK with nothingness occurring upon/after death. Maybe it is something that is engrained, i.e.: my family always telling me they were in heaven. It just stuck with me. I like the thought of them being able to still watch over me and me maybe making them proud someday. Pipe dreams, I know, but we can all dream, right?
The other thing is explaining to my kids about death. They have encountered 2 pet deaths, 1: my childhood dog and 2: their dog. I find it easier to tell them they are in heaven, a happier place, than just to say they are dead.
I suppose both of these dilemmas shed light on what ancient peoples conjured up for post-death occurances to cope with it.

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12-07-2009 12:32 PM
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12-07-2009 12:07 PM

Re: My two personal atheist dilemmas.
Would "in a better place" be similar to "being at peace"? Or something like that? I would imagine that there is nothing more peaceful than non-existance itself...
As long as we exist in a reality worthy of intelligence, worries are a necessary aspect. The only way to be at absolute peace, would be to have absolutely no worries... you'd have to remove intelligence, or remove existance.
So, on some levels, perhaps non-existance (if that is what actually awaits us) is "a better place" than living in our reality.
Good point. It's just a matter of rewiring my brain.
A tricky subject. Again, I'll have to add the obligatory *I do not have kids* disclaimer.
Are you worried about you? Or about your kids? The fact that you find it easier to tell them one thing over another may not have any connection with the fact of how they will receive your advice.
That is, telling them they are in heaven may illicit more questions and unknowns and worries for them.
Telling them that they are gone would give them an ending.
Obviously, with your upbringing/education/background, talking about heaven is easier for you. Can we say which would be easier for your children? I cannot. You would have a better guess. I can say, though, that your children do not have the same upbringing/education/background that you do (or maybe they do? ..again, you would know this better than I).
So again the questions are do you care about making this easier for your kids? Or for yourself?
I cannot say that telling your kids about natural-death would be easier for them... I'm only asking these questions to make sure you and I are both on the same page here.
Do you want your kids to have thoughts of dead pets in heaven? This would seem to provide instant caring for their emotional wounds, yet leave the door open for long-term potential harm whenever (ifever?) they discover "what all evidence we have points to happening."
Telling them that death is a natural ending point may cause a bit more immediate grief. Again, your kids, your choice.
I suppose that should wrap up talking a lot and not giving you any solid advice to follow. My work here is done.
Also good points. All of which I will take into consideration. Thanks.

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