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Author Topic:   Creationist Shortage
Dawn Bertot
Member (Idle past 192 days)
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Joined: 11-23-2007

Message 157 of 415 (662570)
05-17-2012 12:55 AM
Reply to: Message 22 by Dr Adequate
05-05-2012 3:27 AM

(Note that when I mention Buzsaw and Dawn in the same sentence, this is not to say that I put them in the same class: I like Buzsaw personally, as a man, whereas the most sympathetic feeling I can muster for DB is a sort of horrified pity.)
From what the scriptures teach about people like yourself DA, your comments concerning me are like a badge of honor. Keep up the good work and compliments headed in my direction
Note, that while he, DA implies he likes Buzsaw, as a person or a man, you can see the dishonesty and lies even in such a comment. Before the above empty comment concerning Buz, you would spend much time pointlessly trying to find any comments of a positive nature twords Buz from DA
But to make himself seem somewhat respectful and accomodating, his dishonestly and lack of any real character shine through like a used car salesman, trying to make you believe he is actually interested in you
I suppose lying is also a part of the Secular fundamentalist tactics and approach
BTW, lets see some of the other complimentary comments about Buz. This should be no problem for you to produce, correct?
Dawn Bertot

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 Message 22 by Dr Adequate, posted 05-05-2012 3:27 AM Dr Adequate has not replied

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 Message 158 by Coyote, posted 05-17-2012 1:23 AM Dawn Bertot has replied

Dawn Bertot
Member (Idle past 192 days)
Posts: 3571
Joined: 11-23-2007

Message 159 of 415 (662575)
05-17-2012 8:29 AM
Reply to: Message 158 by Coyote
05-17-2012 1:23 AM

Re: Buz and Dawn
Dawn, you lack the charm Buz has. I kind of like him as well. You, not so much.
I don't agree with either of you in our debates, but if you notice Buz is one of the few creationists anywhere who can string a bunch of words together into a sentence. And he has quite a lot of patience.
I think I'd rather have a beer with Buz than you, although he might prefer tea instead.
And of course this is my point. In an attempt to appear legitimate or make yourself sound consiliatory, its necessary to pitt one against the other. When in fact there would not be a nice comment anywhere to be found concerning Buz, if you did not need to use it like a cheap suit a used car salesman wears.
Actually I think I have greater respect for a used car salesman, than yourself and DA, because he might actually have the backbone to reveal himself and might have the fortitude to actually meet in formal publice debate. You dont
Forgetting for the moment religion and creationism, I pay him the respect like I do ICant, for thier years and senior status to myself. You do neither.
I sorry I have to say it, perhaps you will forgive me, of course I dont know with double-minded persons like youself, You lie when you say you like him
Quit lying and continue with your usual insults. Atleast then you dont make either of us hurl our latest meal.
My point is simple. If your comments concerning Buz were not being used like a weapon and there was evidence in another place that you believed such things concerning him, that atleast would be some middle ground for a starting place, for recieving you as legitimate in your otherwise empty comments
Dawn Bertot
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 Message 158 by Coyote, posted 05-17-2012 1:23 AM Coyote has seen this message but not replied

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