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Author Topic:   Human Chromosome 2 and the Evolution of Humans
Paul Choa
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09-29-2012 2:07 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by herebedragons
07-12-2012 11:18 AM

Human creation
dear All:

God is the author of both Bible and natural laws. there is no way they shall have conflict
the reason we have conflicts simply because either science is not yet mature or our Bible interpretation has problems.

Big Bang has no conflict to the Creation of unversed and The scientist called evolution is simply nature following God's order and grew out all the creatures. there is no conflict with Bible. the only conflict is at Human creation. bible clearly used three times "bara" to describe "human creation". evolution cannot explain how human was created. gen. Ch 2
Explained very clear. Human was "made" out of dust. Then why "bara" was used?

"Bara" was used to describe the creation of the universe gen 1:1. I can spend some time to explain how spiritual big bang is - match with Bible. May not match the subject of this blog.
In short it is from nothing to something truly "bara". the front surface of the universe is still expanding (last year's Nobel Price - physics) and beyond the front surface there is no space exist there.... Back to human creation -

The "bara" used for human creation is basically pointing to the breath God give human and from that point the earth has a new animal, which has spirit in it. that is a new creation.
In short, God used homo sapiens' DNA made human and sent His breath to create human.
Why Jesus did it this way we don't know. We know He engineered all of these. I may guess that the DNA has gone through all kinds of tests virus, micro organism attack. The B cells T cells were built in to protect. As far as I can tell you the scientist called evolution in much more intelligent than the way we build robot or put together a car in the auto industry.
You may misinterpret these scientist. Just like earlier church put scientist into jail thinking the earth circulating sun is wrong.... Well you may be wrong in all your interpretation since you follow the teaching of others. Read Bible more times and watch words carefully you will find the conflict is at the human creation not with other animals.

Now let's focus on the spirit part of the human. What is the function of spirit? Wasn't those nasty scientists claimed that the brain is the mind and the mind is the brain there is nothing called spirit? First of all that is not all the scientists believed. Second, you may need to understand that model describe all the animals and part of human pretty accurately.
Human has three functions two bodies - the spirit and body are entities and the mind is a function. So we have spirit function, mind function, and body function but only two are entities. Animals has one body two functions. More clearly animal has mind. That is their brain function. When animal die the brain function goes with it body back down to dust. When human die the spirit goes up (Ecc 3:21)

Too much to write I may have to upload some for you guys to read. Stop here right now..

God bless you all!


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Paul Choa
Junior Member (Idle past 3208 days)
Posts: 5
Joined: 09-29-2012

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09-30-2012 12:53 PM
Reply to: Message 50 by Percy
09-29-2012 9:38 AM

Re: Human creation
I think what I said is related the the title creation/evolution is related to the title human chromosome 2. May be I moved too fast.

Let me slow down. The 48 or 46 chromosomes issue is not critical.
We are made of proteins not DNAs. as long as we don't lose any essential genes from the ~30k gene pools no matter how the chromosomes are fused it is not important and along the natural history there are many other fusing examples.

Neanderthal or denisova may have 48 chromosomes and even we human some time can have 48 chromosomes (some produced serious problems due to over expression by genes from those extra chromosomes) this is not the key to differentiate human and other animals without spirits. It is the spirit making the difference not the brain size. Neanderthal has a big brain than human, elephant and whale have big brains than that of human.

If our discussion cannot get back to the big picture and the purpose of this EVC web site I think we probably get into a wrong place.

God Bless all of you

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