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Author Topic:   Gun Control
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07-26-2012 12:30 PM
Reply to: Message 61 by crashfrog
07-26-2012 12:01 PM

Re: Inclusive
look at Iraq and how the might of the US army was held nearly completely at bay by people with dynamite and AK-47's.
Yea well that was a high tech vs no tech guerrilla war. U cant fight people if you dont know where they are. But in reality all the grate american supper power had problems with was cleaning up the mess after the war you know the guys in caves who still wanted to fight the actual war was won very rapidly.
But can you imagine an american resistance force somewhere in the woods with no McDonald's, no i phones no toilet paper, no computers, no internet .... The resistance would be running out of hiding begging to be arrested by the government and getting them out of that hell-hole.
You cant have any tech on you because 99% of it can be traced, and there are chips that can be traced in just about everything.
You cant be holed up somewhere with a clear view to the sky, you dont have to look up for a satellite to figure out its you it can identify you by the way you walk.
and tones of other ways to find you that are no longer secret but available to your government at a moments notice. I really dont want to think about the ways that are still secret.
The only way the American people could rise up with arms against their government would be the terrorist way, no tech hiding and hitting critical targets from time to time. And i just cant picture you Americans wanting to fight that way.

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