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Author Topic:   Gun Control
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From: Antwerp, Belgium
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07-26-2012 8:32 AM

I don't post here often and am more a lurker then anything else. But this is a topic I would want to add my 2 cents to as a European looking at gun policies in the US.
Frankly, I am amazed that there is even discussion about this. I am amazed that so many people don't see anything wrong with being able to buy guns in a freaking supermarket. I am amazed that so many people don't see the difference between keeping a small handgun hidden somewhere safely in your bedroom and having a garage stuffed with M16's and whatnot.
I am amazed at how people in the US view guns in general. It's burried so deeply that people don't even see anything wrong with receiving a shotgun as a present in a freaking bank when opening up a bank account during the promotion period.
Are any of you gun-proponents actually surprised by kids turning up at schools with a bunch of grenades and automatic weapons and start killing people?
Are any of your surprised at the level of violence and murder with firearms in the US, vastly outperforming any other first world country?
There are more guns in the hands of civilians then there are actual civilians in the US.
I think that at the VERY LEAST, there should be a clear line between defensive weapons and assault/war weapons. Be serious, no civilian needs a Rambo-sized gun.
Frankly, I think it's sickening. Getting a hold of massive weaponry in the US is FAR to easy.
When it becomes easier to buy a massive automatic gun then it is to buy a freaking joint, then you know your country is in serious trouble. That's my take on it anyway.

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Member (Idle past 4374 days)
Posts: 48
From: Antwerp, Belgium
Joined: 03-29-2011

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07-26-2012 11:13 AM
Reply to: Message 15 by crashfrog
07-26-2012 8:58 AM

I mean, I get it - you're scared of guns
No. I'm scared of widely available guns. I'm scared of psychopaths getting a hold of them, which is something that is ridiculously easy in the US. Hence all the killing sprees like last week.
When you carry a rifle, everybody knows that you are
Did the people in Denver know?
that's the reason why so many Americans are killed by handguns
Why is the number of americans killed by gunfire so widely out of proportion compared to the rest of the first world?
Personally, I don't believe the US has more psychopathic lunatics. It's just that guns are so mainstream that everyone can easily get them.
This seems logical to me. If anyone has another explanation, I'ld be glad to hear it.
which is unique in that it protects, in perpetuity, the military capacity of the American people to violently overthrow our own government. I know that you don't have anything similar. In fact it probably seems inconceivable that the Belgian government would ever legally enshrine the right of Belgians to violently overthrow the government.
That seems incredibly strange to me. Pointless even. Why make such a law? Would it be legal for you to violently overthrow the Obama administration? No, off course not.
And if the US would suddenly fall under the rule of a dictator or similar, where such action would indeed be called for, do you think this amendment would be worth anything at all? Would it still even exist?
Yes, it seems inconceivable that our government would install such a rule. But, in my view anyway, not for the reason you seem to suggest. But rather because such a right would be pointless anyway. Because governments that deserve to be overthrown violently usually don't allow you to do so, you see...
I get what you mean though. I understand the underlying idea that if the people have a stash of arms, it would be easier to start some revolution type thing to overthrow an occupier or dictator or whatever. I just don't think the pro's outweigh the cons here.
Bottom line for me is that it's far to easy to get a hold of guns in the US, that's basicly it. We have shooting ranges here in belgium as well you know. We also have hobbyists here who like to play with guns. But these people are heavily screened before they receive a gun. It's very controlled and it takes weeks before you actually get the gun that you buy.
I would not feel safe knowing that my neighbour has a military arsenal in his basement.
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