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Author Topic:   The Even More Awesome Presidential Election Thread
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From: usa
Joined: 11-19-2008

Message 16 of 308 (671090)
08-22-2012 9:32 AM
Reply to: Message 14 by Theodoric
08-22-2012 9:05 AM

Re: Get The Whole True[/i] Story From Fox
theo writes:
You're not even a good caricature of yourself anymore.
I like that quote.
I am not trying to be funny or insulting when I ask: Does anybody else detect that Buzzcola is really a raging self-loathing homosexual?
I am 100% serious. I have a christian sister-in-law who could be Buzz's twin sibling. The rail against the same made up stuff. I think the unproportional rage they have for the oppressed can only be a projection onto themselves. There's just no way a mentally competent follower of jesus would act this way. Just an opinion, I don't have any other theory that would even come close.
I'm off-topic, I won't reply. Back to the presidential race . . .

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Posts: 1425
From: usa
Joined: 11-19-2008

Message 18 of 308 (671095)
08-22-2012 9:58 AM
Reply to: Message 17 by Heathen
08-22-2012 9:51 AM

Re: Things Paul Ryan Doesn't Know
Where are the journalists that should be reporting on these kinds of lies?
You mean from the "liberal" media?

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 Message 17 by Heathen, posted 08-22-2012 9:51 AM Heathen has not replied

Posts: 1425
From: usa
Joined: 11-19-2008

Message 108 of 308 (672761)
09-11-2012 9:10 AM
Reply to: Message 98 by Straggler
09-09-2012 5:32 PM

Clinton for the 99%ers?
STRAG writes:
I've just been watching the Clinton speech on one of the BBC politics channels.
I've decided to vote for him...
How quickly the 99% forget:

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 Message 98 by Straggler, posted 09-09-2012 5:32 PM Straggler has replied

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