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Author Topic:   The $5,000,000 ID Research Challenge
Blue Jay
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Message 276 of 285 (769559)
09-22-2015 11:37 AM
Reply to: Message 266 by MrIntelligentDesign
09-21-2015 11:57 PM

MrIntelligentDesign writes:
Oh please, I need that amount to:
1. Re-edit all my science books about the new Intelligent Design for correct grammars. The science is great but not the grammars. Currently, the new Intelligent Design had published these 5 science books in Amazon as e-books and the combined pages will become 800 pages. There one is coming titled "PEER-REVIEW and the new Intelligent Design: a documentary". There are three more coming and there are more researches to be done and be published, thus the total pages will be 2000 pages.
2000 pages per 20 US dollars each = 40,000 US dollars.
2. I will use that amount to research the replacement for Biological Evolution (ToE). The replacement is called Biological Interrelation, BiTs. I will be needing US 1,500,000 to research the best implications of BiTs to humans' engineering and technology. Of course, ToE has no place.
3. I will be needing the amount to research and fund a new math for Certainty Principle (CP) in lieu of Uncertainty Principle (UP) since the new predicts that UP is wrong. I need US 1.5 million to nail that topic. Also, I need another 1.0 mil USD to research the predicted possible equation or math for the Theory of Everything (TOE) since the new predicts it too.
4. I will need USD 2.0 million to use that in Psychology especially in Cognitive Psychology to revolutionize the whole field. WE ARE TOTALLY WRONG in Psychology!
5. I need the remaining amount to give more seminars to universities around the world to share the new discoveries in science from the new Intelligent Design .
Thus, give me that amount please...
I hope this "new math" you plan to develop will also show us how you can cover $6,040,000 (+ "remaining amount") of research expenses with a $5,000,000 grant.

-Blue Jay, Ph.D.*
*Yeah, it's real
Darwin loves you.

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