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Author Topic:   Solar flares affect radiometric decay rates?
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11-01-2013 10:17 AM
Reply to: Message 28 by NoNukes
10-31-2013 8:11 PM

Re: Solar Flares and decay rates

I just realized that I know how to build a solar flare predictor. Just build an alarm that beeps once a day. I'm sure that every single solar flare will be preceded by at least a beep or two.

This may work as during the solar minimum there is an average of 1 flare a day and during the solar maximum the average can be as high as 20 per day.

It's not clear to me if they are talking about c, m, or x class flares, or all three. During the last sunspot cycle (96-2006) there were 122 x class flares with some years having as many as 21.

Based on the last solar cycle one of the web pages calculated that at present we should average about 1.2 flares per day during the minimum.


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