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Author Topic:   An Alternate Creation Theory: Genic Energy
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From: Snyder, Texas, USA
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Message 67 of 181 (672613)
09-09-2012 10:07 PM
Reply to: Message 65 by TheRestOfUs
09-09-2012 9:54 PM

unconventional view on the entomology of stars.

Stars got bugs??

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Posts: 5552
From: Snyder, Texas, USA
Joined: 11-12-2002

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09-11-2012 1:00 PM
Reply to: Message 130 by TheRestOfUs
09-11-2012 12:20 PM

Burbridge, back so long ago that I was still in school, obviously did not know everything about jets and quasars that we know today.

discusses just one of a few hundreds of examples.......

"The Christian church, in its attitude toward science, shows the mind of a more or less enlightened man of the Thirteenth Century. It no longer believes that the earth is flat, but it is still convinced that prayer can cure after medicine fails." H L Mencken

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