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Author Topic:   Living with Cancer (from Cancer Survivors)
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05-17-2015 4:01 PM

Help for Asgara
Hi everyone. I used to post pretty frequently here a few years ago, but life has caught up to me and now I'm just a rare lurker. What you may not know, however, is that I'm Asgara's son.

Anyone reading this thread is aware that my mom has stage four colon cancer. In order to help her pay her bills and keep insurance until Medicare kicks in, a friend of hers created a GoFundMe account for her.

Asgara's Go Fund Me

I'm passing it along, as I know that knowing someone is going through a fight like this can make others feel like they want to help but have no idea how. Every little bit here helps. I'm not asking for, nor am I expecting, a huge donation from anyone, but even $5 helps. As a boss I used to have liked to say, "Shavings make a pile."

Anyway, good luck to everyone fighting cancer or who knows someone fighting cancer. With some luck and some amazing doctors and scientists, maybe we can all kick its butt in the near future.

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