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Author Topic:   About New Lamarckian Synthesis Theory
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12-04-2012 1:53 AM
Reply to: Message 244 by dayalanand roy
12-04-2012 12:25 AM

science versus opinions
Hi dayalanand roy, and welcome to the fray.

I read your two proposed posts first and then followed you to this thread. You seem to have a common problem in all three posts so far: reliance on feeling or opinion rather than evidence and the scientific method.

When I consider the erect posture of humans, my conscience refuses to accept ...

And yet we see Bonobos ("Pygmy" Chimpanzees) walking erect, and there are observations of other primates walking erect.

When we look at the stresses this posture puts on the human skeleton and muscles, we also see that this has been adapted to upright posture rather than designed for it: it is not a good design.

Curiously, what your conscience can accept or not is totally irrelevant to what actually occurs, and your conscience or opinions are stunningly incapable of altering reality.

... that it was simply due to some mutations followed by natural selection, and the efforts of humans themselves had nothing to do. ...

The "efforts of humans themselves" in taking an upright posture is part of the natural selection of that behavior, so this had a lot to do with it.

... I wonder if this was the case, why not mutation causes any other single member of another species to acqiure an erect posture, even if it is not selected by nature.

... Animals were deprived of this gift. ...

... Why did not a single plant dsevelop this property? ... Why did random mutation did not create a nervous system in even a single plant? b ...

This is confused thinking -- mutations do not turn up because they are needed or could be useful. Nor does the appearance of a mutation in one species mean that it should occur in any other species: that would in fact be quite an extraordinary event.

... This example suggests that we must give a fresh look on guided mutation, or guided evolution on which most scinetists frown upon. But I humbly plead that my view of guided mutation or guided evolution does not involve a 'supernatural hand', rather a very natural hand, which we may have yet to discover. I am posting my views on this guided mutation in a separate thread,' what is missing in the the theory of evolution.

Or this example suggests one should learn what evolution actually involves.

... Weisman's experiment on rats in which he chopped of their tails for many generations and showed that he never got tailless offsprings was a gross misunderstanding of Lamark's 'acquired characters'. ...

Curiously, it amply demonstrated that physical characteristics acquired during life are not passed on by heredity. If you can think of some way for a trait to be developed by an organism during its life to be passed on by heredity, please elucidate.


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