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Author Topic:   About New Lamarckian Synthesis Theory
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11-09-2012 8:05 AM
Reply to: Message 206 by zi ko
11-07-2012 6:55 AM

Re: The absurdity of "classic" evolution Theory.

That is an argument from incredulity. I don't need to explain your difficulty in accepting reality.

Reality is the big issue. How can we know it?

The way we humans "know" (or at least reassure ourselves that we know) Reality is by our discover, recognition, and elucidation of Truth, forming various models in our head of parts of the Truth we call Facts.

In other words, we gather Facts, or small parts of the larger ideal we call Truth.
We use these small pieces of the Truth to support our imagination concerning how they might be useful in describing Realty.

The way we come to establish a Fact is by means of the Scientific Method.
This method requires that under experimental conditions, all observers will experience that same conclusions concerning various Cause/Effect matters.

Genesis 1:26 infers the same thing.
Man was made capable of imaging the almighty external forces of Natural Laws in the continuously changing, ever unfolding entity we call Reality.


God is all there is, ie; Reality itself... the whole external existence beyond our mind is the almighty God to which all life must bow:

...Truth inside our head, is the Holy Spirit, the image of God, is present inside our mind when our thinking correctly images the TRUTH, or the picture of Reality inside our mind.

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